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06 October 2016

Three Dark Crowns

Blake, Kendare. Three Dark Crowns. HarperTeen, 2016.

On the island of Fennbirn, triplet queens are born every generation. They are raised separately until their sixteenth birthday, when they are crowned and given one year to kill their sisters and become the one reigning queen. Each of the queens has a special ability - to withstand poison, to tame the elements, to communicate with animals, etc. As their sixteenth birthday approaches, the three queens-to-be consider the best ways to survive and reign supreme.

This is an excellently told fantasy story, full of sub-plots, backstabbing, world building, and wonderfully round characters. The narration is excellent, the action keeps the story well-paced, and the ending makes it clear where the second book may lead. As an added bonus, this is a world where the women lead and men follow. I would easily recommend this book to teen fantasy fans.

Recommended for: teens, fans of fantasy stories
Red Flags: lots of violence - the queens are trying to kill each other, so there is poisoning, mauling by animals, etc. None of it is very graphic.
Overall Rating: 5/5 stars

Read-Alikes: Fairest, A Thousand Nights, Alanna: The First Adventure

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