"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales." Albert Einstein

02 May 2016

Storytime: Spots

Opening Rhyme: Open them, Shut them

Book: Spectacular Spots by Susan Stockdale

Five blue polka dots lay on the floor,
One sat up and then there were four.

Four blue polka dots got on their knees,
One tipped over and then there were three.

Three blue polka dots stood on one shoe,
One fell down and then there were two.

Two blue polka dots started to run,
One stopped quickly and then there was only one.

One blue polka dot rolled toward the door,
When it disappeared, there were no more!

Book: The Big Blue Spot by Peter Holwitz

Song: "If You’re Happy and You Know It"

Book: Lots of Dots by Craig Frazier

Around we go and around we go
A-whirling with the wind.
Around we go and down we go
A (color) spot to find.

Book: Whose Spots Are These? by Sarah Wohlrabe

Song: "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes"

Book: Spots in a Box by Helen Ward

Goodbye Rhyme

Craft: This craft was much more open-ended than I typically do at the end of storytime. I had BINGO paint markers and die-cut circles set out, as well as glue sticks, markers, and paper. I let the kids make a freeform "spot" craft out of whatever they wanted.

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