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13 July 2015

Book Club: Throne of Fire

My Page Turners (9-12 year olds) read Throne of Fire this month, and I had several activities available for them. Because of the Egyptian focus of the book, I kept my activities on that theme.

1.  Wanted Poster for your favorite villian.  I have a wanted poster that I have used for several different activities, so I pulled it out again for this program.

2.  Make a comic strip of your favorite scene. Again, this has been used before, but it fits here, especially as many of Riordan's books have been turned into graphic novels.

3.  Egyptian gods fortune teller.  Remember cootie catchers? There is a "fortune teller" made the same way that has Egyptian gods listed on it.

4.  Write a message in hieroglyphics. This I expected to be more popular than it was.  It ended up being a "take home the handout to do on your own" kind of thing.

5.  Build an Egyptian monument. I already had a large collection of LEGO bricks amassed in the library, so it wasn't a big deal to use them for this particular program.

The LEGO bricks were by far the most popular of the activities I offered at this book club.

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