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13 April 2015

Every Last Word

Stone, Tamara. Every Last Word. Disney-Hyperion, 2015.

Sam is one of the popular girls in her class; she and her besties, "The Crazy Eights," have been friends since kindergarten. Sam has kept a secret from the Eights, though: Sam has OCD. When Sam seeks refuge in her school's theater, she meets Caroline, who introduces her to a completely different group of friends in the Poetry Corner. Sam isn't sure how to balance her friendship with the Eights and her new-found friends in the Poetry Corner. She's feeling closer to "normal" than ever, but will she ever be able to tell everyone the whole truth?

I can't reveal much more about this book without divulging spoilers of an epic proportion. The author clearly did her research into purely-obsessive OCD, and the twist in the book genuinely surprised me. Sam's struggle between staying with her lifelong, controlling friends and branching out on her own is clear, and teens will enjoy reading about a secret poetry group meeting on a high school campus. This book will definitely be a part of my library's teen collection and will be an easy book to book talk.

Recommended for: teens
Red Flags: underage alcohol use, mild profanity, bullying, Sam is intimate with her boyfriend at one point, although it is not described in detail
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

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