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10 August 2010


Larkin, Allie. Stay. New York: Penguin Group, 2010.

I am a cat person, not a dog person, so I am not sure what initially attracted me to this book. Perhaps all this time staying in the house of two dog lovers has convinced me that dogs are worth the barking, the walks, the pooper scoopers, and the drool. Maybe.

In any case, this is a cute story. The main character, Van, falls apart after her best friend married Van had loved since the day she met him. In the middle of the night, after watching a marathon of Rin Tin Tin, she orders a dog online. She expect a cute, tiny puppy. What she got was a very large puppy who only responded to commands in Slovak.

The rest of the story is fairly predictable. She takes the overlarge puppy to the vet, discovers that the vet is a handsome single man, you get the picture. But it's a cute story, and it actually held my interest past the time I spent at the laundromat. Apart from the profanity spoken by angry or drunk characters, the story itself was enjoyable. This book would be a good airplane or beach read.

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