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24 June 2010

Look Again

Scottoline, Lisa. Look Again. New York: St. Martin's, 2009.

Ellen, a newspaper reporter, fell in love with a baby boy she saw at the hospital while she was working on a story. Will's mother did not want him, and Ellen was able to adopt him and pay for his medical bills.

Now, two years later, Ellen looks at the flyer she receives in the mail and sees a missing child who looks disturbingly like Will. Her lawyer assures her that her adoption is perfectly legal and that she is not obligated to locate Will's birth parents, but she can't let it rest. Ellen begins a search for Will's biological parents, a search that crosses state lines and becomes more complicated and twisted as the pages turn. Was Will the victim of a kidnapping? Does he need to be returned to his biological parents? Or is all of this just a strange coincidence?

I loved this book, as evidenced by the fact that I finished it less than a day after I started it. It is a page turner, the characters are believable, and the ending is satisfying. It is well worth reading.

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